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Hi, I'm Olivia,

Is an Everyday Creative based out of Barcelona

Open, curious, proactive and generous,

This is my story...

Of stepping out of my comfort zone ,

my ambition to contribute towards other kinds of narratives and to treat the children of the world to the wonder of a little music, art and book reading.



We believe that the creative arts can help to empower people and improve their overall well-being. We run online projects with children facing life challenges as part of the Ubuntu Family Initiative.

Through music, painting, Book Reading and Cooking they are given the opportunity to express themselves, develop skills, meet new people, and nurture their well-being. 

As the Ubuntu Family Initiative we look forward to developing our activities into a variety of other art forms in the not so distant future.

We believe that everyone should have access to the power of creativity, regardless of their circumstances.


Better Me,

Kisumu, Kenya - East Africa

Elma Trust,

Siem Reap, Cambodia - South East Asia

Peru Volunteers,

Cusco, Peru -  South America 

Corp India,

Mumbai, India

Sambhali Trust,

Jodphur India - South Asia

Latest Projects



Artists Inspired Art Projects for Kids
Online Art Classes

Art Projects for Kids
Music for Kids
Simple Recipes for Kids

Online Art, Piano and Cooking Classes

Better Me 

Elma Trust 

Peru Volunteers

Better Me 

Elma Trust 


Artists Inspired Art Projects for KidsOnline Art Classes

Better Me 

Elma Trust 

Peru Volunteers

Corp India

Sambhali Trust 


“Art allows me to draw, paint, write and play,  as an expression of my innermost selves.”

Sadith Age 10

Peru Volunteers

Cusco, Peru


"I enjoy art, it allows me to experience a number of feelings and emotions, this specific project was interesting to me as it allowed for me to express myself through the colours and expressions in the portrait."


Teirm Tan Age 14

Elma Trust 

Siem Reap, Cambodia

"My hobby is drawing. Drawing makes me happy because when I am alone I usually draw, it makes me feel confortable, I imagine that drawing is my friend it reminds me that I am not alone and it makes me happy."


Thelma Age 14

Better Me

Kenya, Africa

"I like Art classes because we can use colours, shapes and I can enjoy creating with my own ideas. I study at school everyday so on Wednesdays I get to do something different it makes me happy ! "



Anand Age 12

India Corp

Mumbai, India

"I love drawing,

When I was small my teacher taught me to draw and I loved it ! I draw ladies and mehendi designs.

I am excited about your art class because it teaches me new things every week."


Parvati Age 12

Sambhali Trust 

Jodphur, India

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